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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rubberband Easter Eggs

Here is a quick and easy way to "color" your Easter eggs to give them a more personal and unique look.

  1. You first boil your eggs and let them cool.
  2. Then take rubber bands, e.g. from your newspaper, and wrap 2 or 3 bands around your hard boiled egg.

    Wherever the rubber band makes solid (flat) contact with the egg, no coloring agent will get to the underlying shell and it will leave a white line.
  3. Dip egg in coloring bath and follow the dying instructions.
  4. Once the egg has dried, take off the rubber bands.


    Danielle said...

    I'm excited to try this - thanks!!
    Danielle - CraftPlayLove.com

    Anonymous said...

    You can use crayons, too. For kids, use yellow, so they can see what they write or draw. After coloring, dip in boiling water in a disposable bowl (e.g. Butter bowl) to melt the wax, which will float. You can use a paper towel to remove any remaining wax... Evelyn