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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shell Rays Necklace Set

It was Sunday morning 7 am, the house was still nice and quiet, and I realized that I needed a necklace/earring set for an outdoor BBQ party later that afternoon. Nothing in my jewelry drawer quite fit to the skirt I was planning to wear.

Perhaps a design idea that I've been carrying around with me for the last couple of weeks, after falling for some outrageous shell beads, could work...

1.5" - 2" long shell beads

After my first design idea was rather underwhelming (seemed much nicer in my mind than when actually put together) I started rummaging in my bead stash for some ideas. I couldn't believe that in all my beads there wasn't quite the right match around... until I remembered some amber/copper lampwork beads I've just picked up the other day!

Yep, that was it! Working off and on throughout the morning on getting the bead placements just right and feeding the family, I finally settled on an arrangement and strung it up. Nice!

Shell Rays Necklace
Shell Rays Necklace

And as before with the necklace, my idea for the matching earrings didn't work out either. There were too many shell beads fighting for attention so that I decided to go with a simple supplemental earring.

Shell Rays Necklace Set - detail

I felt great at the BBQ and made another set for sale in my Etsy store after receiving quite a few compliments.