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Monday, October 26, 2009

Spiral Cap

I was looking through my yarn stash when I bumped into 6 skeins of Yarn Bee Mosaic Twist "Iced Fruit". I just love those colors! But what was I thinking when I bought only 6 skeins... must have been one of those "I must have this yarn/color and will figure out something with it later" moments. :)

But "only time can tell" really came true because today I happened upon a neat looking cap pattern on Ravelry (free) that was knit in the flat. Yep, in the flat. I had to try it out.

And voila! Here it is. I think the yarn is perfect for this pattern.

I had to adjust the pattern a bit as my yarn was much thicker so that I ended up casting on 37 sts and repeated the pattern 15 times. This cap fits nicely a regular women's size head.

What a nice splash of color in the cool and grey weather of the season...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Evening Out Scarf

I just came home from a errand run during which I saw this lady wear a cool looking ribbon scarf. I remembered my stash of similar looking ribbon yarn and had to try to recreate it.

After a couple of trial and errors I found a nice combo that works for me. But oh boy, was this ribbon yarn (Bernat Matrix) hard to work with - no quick knitting here (or many scarfs for the crafts fair).

I've also added some silver beads to the fringe to give a little bling but not too much.

It wears really nicely in place of jewelry and I have already gotten a couple of inquires of where to buy it.

So, I will make a few more for the fair and you can also find it in my Etsy store.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Craft Fair with a Friend

What was I thinking when I got all excited and aggreed to participate in a holiday crafts fair!? Yep, I am going to participate not just visit... Yikes!

My friend who reeled me in has her kids attend the Shining Mountain Waldorf School which holds an annual winter crafts fair. This year it's called the "KingWinter Faire and Holiday Bazaar" and will happen on December 5.

Gotta figure out what to contribute and how many in the little time I have left.. I have just under 8 weeks time and lots of other commitments (think of Halloween, son's birthday, Thanksgiving, submission deadlines and, oh, did I mention some tight work deadlines, kids, etc.)...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wood Frame Necklace

While working on a new submission for Petite Purls my mind was wandering a bit to come up with a use for a few dark brown stained wooden frame "beads" that I've picked up a while ago...

A new vision of the traditional Turquoise necklace

With the first snow fall for this season reaching our door steps, the warm wood "beads" and fresh Turquoise colored cubes (dyed Jasper) were the right "medicine" for my eyes. Trying to hold on to the beauty of crisp fall weather before everything goes to rest until next year.

I like simple lines and bold colors with a little surprise element mixed in to keep things interesting. It allows you to dress up or down depending on how you match it up with your wardrobe.

And I always need some matching earrings with it. :)

You can find this necklace set in my Etsy store.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cable and Rib Jacket

Boy, I've been busy with so many things and always for others that I've finally told myself, "Time Out! My turn."

I've noticed in horror that my wardrobe doesn't sport any knit jacket or vest! Everybody around me is sporting my knit or crochet garmets or accessories! What about myself?!

And then the trouble began... what to knit for myself. The type was decided: Jacket for everyday wear. But what style and pattern?... There are so many choices or as you say in German: "Die Qual der Wahl" (the pain of choice).

It needed to be quick and easy but as always with a new aspect to broaden my horizon. I think I found a nice pattern on Ravelry by Debbie Bliss, titled "Cable and Rib Jacket". I always wanted to do some cabeling and a zipper jacket or sweater.

I had some Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool sitting in the closet waiting for its turn for quite some time now. This would be the right kind of project to get a feel for this wool. And indeed it is knitting up really nicely. And what a bargain too at $8.95/skein (100% pure virgin wool; 465 yd/425 m; 8 oz/227 g)!

Ahh, it feels great to work on something for myself. :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Quick House Slippers

Alright, no more denial: fall is here and the summer is over.

The leaves have turned color in a hurry and set the neighborhood ablaze. It's like a painter went to work and dropped color splashes all over the place. :)

I better take a hint and hurry up with my cold weather projects. First one up: house slippers.

Found this easy looking, quick to make pattern on the web and Ravlery.

Added some mohair to the cuff squares as I always seem to feel the draft there.

Knit the squares that make up the L shape in the following order (sts x rows):

16x14 in black w/ mohair, 18x16 blue, 18x16 black, 18x16 white, 18x16 blue, 18x16 black. BO. Pick-up 18x16 white, 16x14 black w/mohair. BO.

Hand-felted for ~15 min. Let dry over night.

Size turns out to be about 8.5”/22 cm long.

About 8.5" long

About 22 cm long

Will make the second one now that I was able to try on the felted slipper. The slipper is really comfy... :)