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Thursday, November 26, 2009

5 Pointed Star - Christmas Ornament

I thought, I would crochet a couple of Christmas ornaments for our tree this year and perhaps sell a few at an upcoming crafts fair. But I don't know what it was with me this year: none of the patterns I had or found seemed to be right! Ahhhh!

They were either too busy so that you couldn't see the nice color of the underlying glass ornament or too simple that it was just not very, well, Christmasy...

With all the browsing, I came across a doily with a 6 pointed flower center that could serve as a model for a star design I had in mind. After much trial and error I finally came up with a heavily, heavily modified 5 pointed star design that I really liked. Yeah!

It shows off the lacy star design nicely and lets the beautiful rich mat red color of the glass ornament shine through. The two star designs are connected with a playful "snowflake" band that don't distract from the main design.

And so I have a new Christmas ornament design to admire on my little table display and later on my Christmas tree. Gotta get crocheting!

If you like to purchase one (or more), please visit my Etsy store.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Finished Felted Slippers

I was a bit slow in making the second felted slipper since it shrank to a size that was a bit too small for me. Hence I wasn't in a big hurry to finish them. I would say it fits comfortably a ladies size 7 - 7.5 and I am an 8 - 9...

But it was time to close out the project and after adding a nice silver metal buckle they look really nice.

My oldest son has his eyes on them but first we'll see if we can sell them as they are a bit too large for him. - But then he is growing like a weed and they will most likely fit him very soon!

If you like them, you can find them in my Etsy store.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Skates

When I was unearthing our painting things for the Santas and Nutcrackers I came across an old pair of children ice skates that I've laid aside a couple of years ago for a special kind of Christmas wreath decoration.

I've seen this idea quite a while back in an old fashioned Christmas book and thought that that was a great idea. Especially since my whole family loves to ice skate.

I've never considered myself a painter and was a bit hesitant to tackle this project. But painting the Santas and Nutcrackers gave me enough encouragement to go for it. So over the next few days the skates got more and more decorated until there wasn't much more that could fit on them.

I usually like the "less is more" philosophy but this time it called for some extra decoration and the golden ribbon shoe laces were the finishing touch. It was for Christmas after all!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ribbon Trees

Alright, now or never!

For the last two years I've been buying these really pretty Christmas ribbon rolls in the after Christmas sales with the thought that one Christmas I will make something out of them.

My drawer with the ribbon rolls was now full to the top and something needed to happen. But what? I mentioned my dilemma to my mom on the phone and she remembered making once a wreath out of ribbon strips that were folded and stacked like fish scales.

Oh, yes, I remembered. That was a very pretty wreath. But I am not a big wreath fan... and settled on a more traditional Christmas tree design.

I first made  the cone shapes out of brown paper bag paper mache (3 layers), then stuff them with old newspaper and sealed them. At last, I cut the ribbon into strips, folded them into triangles and pinned them like fish scales on the cone.

Phew, it was quite a bit of work over several days but I think the effect was worth it!

You can purchase them in my Etsy store and even send me your own ribbon so that the tree will fit perfectly to your decorations.

EDIT: Look how neat the ribbon tree looks with the XS Santa and Nutcracker figures!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Santas & Nutcrackers

For the last couple of days my oldest son and I have been busy painting and crafting Santas and Nutcracker figurines for an upcoming craft fair.

It was a real assembly line with him painting all the solid colors and me adding all the embellishments. For a couple of days we had Santa and Nutcracker parts all over our place until they were put together. We had a great time working together on this project.

Boy, this was quite a bit of work! But they sure look cute. :)

The Santas and Nutcrackers are available in four sizes each: XS (8"), S (9.5"), M (12") and L (15"). The figures are now listed in my Etsy store as well.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lip Balm Key Chain

Are you like me? I always have to dig to the bottom of my purse to find my lip balm and sometimes, I can't find it and end up buying another one just to find the first one the very next time?

I finally had enough and came up with a lip balm cover that I can attach to my purse's zipper, handle ring, belt loop or my key chain.

Ah, what a difference this little invention makes. I actually own a couple - a bright and fun one (green with a butterfly) for my daily bag and a mocha/black one for my going out purse.

You leave the lip balm in its cover and only unbutton the cover and pop off the lid. You can turn the wheel at the bottom through the cover to adjust the lip balm stick.

I LOVE it!

It's a great little gift or stocking stuffer. You can find them in my Etsy store as well. Let me know if you want a different color (combination) and button. I've even made one for a guy in dark forest green and midnight blue with a fish button that was given to me by the customer.