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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Id Tags

Just had time for a quick little project to enter in this month’s Project Yarnway August Challenge.

The August challenge descriptions was:

This month had a simple theme: school. I hope you were able to get creative and make something really interesting to show us within this broad theme.

With school start just behind us, I quickly noticed that my young boys have a bit trouble remembering our phone numbers when put on the spot -… which gave me an idea for these ID Tags.

Id Tags
 Made up phone numbers for this sample. Please don't call them.

I used some alphabet and number beads and crochet with the DMC 6 strand embroidery floss a quick and VERY useful Id “Bracelet” that you can attach to your kid’s backpack.

Phone number labels

This way, if they would like to go home with a friend after school, their mom can easily give me a call or in case of an emergency, my kids can read off the phone number without the fear of scrambling them under pressure.

Made up phone numbers

And it’s a neat little thing to dangle off your backpack… :)