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Friday, December 3, 2010

Project Yarnway: Final Challenge 2010

Yippee, I've qualified for the final challenge of the "Project Yarnway" on Ravelry!

For this final round the description reads:
...to design and produce a five piece collection. [..] The only stipulation is that the pieces must belong together in some way.
 We even get some extra time to complete this major assignment as it falls right onto the crazy Christmas crafting and holiday time. THANK YOU!

And because of that I will have to come up with something that is quick to make because I have so many other commitments going on right now that I don't even know how to fit everything into a day of 24 hours!

I've finally settled on a theme for my 5-piece collection:
  • I will be exploring the slip stitch technique
For that, I will  
  • design 5 hats/caps each sporting a different application of the slip stitch technique.

As always, I like to learn something new when I knit a project and I have to admit, I have not yet knit many caps because I just look funny and not very photogenic in them. Hence, you won't find many knit caps in my closet. :)

Let's see where this will take me and I cross my fingers that I can complete the 5 caps in time...