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Friday, June 1, 2012

Paper Sewing - Large Heart

It's not easy to celebrate birthdays when you are far apart. I always struggle with it. Sure, a phone call and mailing a little something will bridge the distance a bit but spending time together to reminiscent, celebrate and laugh together is hard to beat.
Fadengraphik - Large Heart with 3 layers
So the best thing that I have found that sort of works for me, is to send my mom some time in the form of self-made cards and crafts. That way, I can show her that I am thinking of her not only on her special day but on many more days and hours throughout the year.

And I know that my mom will appreciate it because she is a major quilter and crafter herself. :)

For this card I used a technique called "Fadengraphik" (in German). I am not sure what the English term is but "paper sewing" might come close.

Card size: 6" wide and 7" tall

Main materials

Heart paper sewing template from: http://www.handcraftedgreetings.com/card.php?card_id=63
DMC thread in colors:  963 (light pink), 962 (pink), 902 (dark wine)
Sewing needles in 2 sizes (a small one and one a bit larger for punching holes)
Styrofoam piece for a soft surface
Heavy card stock from "DieCuts With a View" in Blue #3 (heart base) and Blue #2 (card base)
Floral print paper from "DieCuts With a View" called Purple Flowers
Basic white card stock paper (heart frame and label)
cellophane and double sticky tape
Font for label: Script MT Bold, size 28, bold

Before you can start sewing your design, you will need to punch the holes in the card. I placed my heart background on top of the Styrofoam piece and then placed the heart template over it to punch through both layers with the larger needle (use a thimble to protect your finger).

Punch holes through paper template

Then you start to sew the layers of the 3-layer heart by following the sewing instructions provided by the above template website.
Layer 1 complete; 2nd layer in progress
Back side with taped down thread beginnings and ends

Layer 2 complete; 3rd layer in progress
And you should end up with something looking like this:

All 3 layers finished
Then comes the fun part of playing around with different papers to find a combination and arrangement that suites your taste, cut, glue and print and your card is ready to be mailed off!