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Monday, November 16, 2009

Ribbon Trees

Alright, now or never!

For the last two years I've been buying these really pretty Christmas ribbon rolls in the after Christmas sales with the thought that one Christmas I will make something out of them.

My drawer with the ribbon rolls was now full to the top and something needed to happen. But what? I mentioned my dilemma to my mom on the phone and she remembered making once a wreath out of ribbon strips that were folded and stacked like fish scales.

Oh, yes, I remembered. That was a very pretty wreath. But I am not a big wreath fan... and settled on a more traditional Christmas tree design.

I first made  the cone shapes out of brown paper bag paper mache (3 layers), then stuff them with old newspaper and sealed them. At last, I cut the ribbon into strips, folded them into triangles and pinned them like fish scales on the cone.

Phew, it was quite a bit of work over several days but I think the effect was worth it!

You can purchase them in my Etsy store and even send me your own ribbon so that the tree will fit perfectly to your decorations.

EDIT: Look how neat the ribbon tree looks with the XS Santa and Nutcracker figures!

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