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Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Skates

When I was unearthing our painting things for the Santas and Nutcrackers I came across an old pair of children ice skates that I've laid aside a couple of years ago for a special kind of Christmas wreath decoration.

I've seen this idea quite a while back in an old fashioned Christmas book and thought that that was a great idea. Especially since my whole family loves to ice skate.

I've never considered myself a painter and was a bit hesitant to tackle this project. But painting the Santas and Nutcrackers gave me enough encouragement to go for it. So over the next few days the skates got more and more decorated until there wasn't much more that could fit on them.

I usually like the "less is more" philosophy but this time it called for some extra decoration and the golden ribbon shoe laces were the finishing touch. It was for Christmas after all!

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