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Thursday, November 26, 2009

5 Pointed Star - Christmas Ornament

I thought, I would crochet a couple of Christmas ornaments for our tree this year and perhaps sell a few at an upcoming crafts fair. But I don't know what it was with me this year: none of the patterns I had or found seemed to be right! Ahhhh!

They were either too busy so that you couldn't see the nice color of the underlying glass ornament or too simple that it was just not very, well, Christmasy...

With all the browsing, I came across a doily with a 6 pointed flower center that could serve as a model for a star design I had in mind. After much trial and error I finally came up with a heavily, heavily modified 5 pointed star design that I really liked. Yeah!

It shows off the lacy star design nicely and lets the beautiful rich mat red color of the glass ornament shine through. The two star designs are connected with a playful "snowflake" band that don't distract from the main design.

And so I have a new Christmas ornament design to admire on my little table display and later on my Christmas tree. Gotta get crocheting!

If you like to purchase one (or more), please visit my Etsy store.

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