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Monday, October 5, 2009

Quick House Slippers

Alright, no more denial: fall is here and the summer is over.

The leaves have turned color in a hurry and set the neighborhood ablaze. It's like a painter went to work and dropped color splashes all over the place. :)

I better take a hint and hurry up with my cold weather projects. First one up: house slippers.

Found this easy looking, quick to make pattern on the web and Ravlery.

Added some mohair to the cuff squares as I always seem to feel the draft there.

Knit the squares that make up the L shape in the following order (sts x rows):

16x14 in black w/ mohair, 18x16 blue, 18x16 black, 18x16 white, 18x16 blue, 18x16 black. BO. Pick-up 18x16 white, 16x14 black w/mohair. BO.

Hand-felted for ~15 min. Let dry over night.

Size turns out to be about 8.5”/22 cm long.

About 8.5" long

About 22 cm long

Will make the second one now that I was able to try on the felted slipper. The slipper is really comfy... :)

1 comment:

Fisher Dilke said...


Might it be possible to buy a pair of these slippers from you (I prefer them without the buckle)?
How much would they be? I live in England and I would want you to post them to me.