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Monday, October 12, 2009

Wood Frame Necklace

While working on a new submission for Petite Purls my mind was wandering a bit to come up with a use for a few dark brown stained wooden frame "beads" that I've picked up a while ago...

A new vision of the traditional Turquoise necklace

With the first snow fall for this season reaching our door steps, the warm wood "beads" and fresh Turquoise colored cubes (dyed Jasper) were the right "medicine" for my eyes. Trying to hold on to the beauty of crisp fall weather before everything goes to rest until next year.

I like simple lines and bold colors with a little surprise element mixed in to keep things interesting. It allows you to dress up or down depending on how you match it up with your wardrobe.

And I always need some matching earrings with it. :)

You can find this necklace set in my Etsy store.

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