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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Felix the Fox - Free

I needed a break from knitting and crocheting swatches and putting some submission packages together for some deadlines.

That's when my son saw me browse some Amigurumi patterns and he was just hooked by this cute little fox. And the pattern is free too!

Finished size: ~4.5"/11 cm

As I happen to have some orange yarn left-overs from the Boy's Airplane Vest this should be a quick one to make.

I've changed the pattern so that after the head is done, I don't fasten off but I continue with the body by reversing its instructions. Less ends to weave in and less work.

I've added clear glass mini marbles (in the craft store isle where the river rocks, etc. are) in the body bottom and paws to add a little bit of weight for a good stance.

What a hit with pretty much anybody who saw me work on this. Adults love it just as much as the kids. And it was fun to make too!

You can also find this pattern on Ravlery.

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