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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Earrings

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

How could I let Valentine's Day pass without a craft project?! After doing lots of work for others over these past couple of weeks, it was time to spend an itsy bitsy time on me. :D

I opened up my treasure box of beads (and I have quite a few... ehm...) and spent some time day dreaming about all the jewelry projects that are hiding in there, waiting to be discovered... it felt great to admire all these different kinds of beads (glass, metal, stone, pearls,...), and handle them, and arrange them, and... oh, there was an interesting combination for a pair of earrings...

I combined a glass heart, with a wavy black ribbon curling its way around the round glass rod of the heart, with a multi-faceted red glass crystal heart. Very cute, dangling Valentine greetings.

It will have to do for today, but I think I can improve on this design a bit by, e.g. wrapping the wire all the way down to the glass heart to make it look a bit more solid... will have to revisit this pair during my next little break.

Until then, I hope you had a great Valentine's Day.

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