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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Interweave Knits: Bistro Lace Stole

And this is my second pattern for this Interweave Knits Summer 2011 issue: a Bistro Lace Stole.
photo by Interweave Press
This stole is KNIT not crocheted! The motifs are worked individually on double pointed needles and joined as you go => NO SEWING motifs together at the end! Yippee!

photo by Interweave Press
I always admire the many crochet motif stoles and even though I am an avid crocheter, I just didn't want to fall into the "granny squares" category...

... time to come up with a quick and easy knitted flower motif using thicker weight yarn that would still make an airy, elegant and drapey stole.

When Interweave sent me the yarn, I was in heaven: Loarna's Laces Lion & Lamb Multi (50% silk, 50% wool; 205 yds/187 m per 3.5 oz/100 g; aran weight/10 ply/8 wpi). This yarn was so buttery soft and has this incredible sheen to it... what a pleasure to knit with and then to wrap the stole around you...

photo by Interweave Press
The pattern is very yarn conscious, meaning that you get a rather nicely sized stole out of surprisingly little yardage. For this rectangular layout, ~63" x 19", you needed only 1 skein of each colorway for roughly a total of 600 yds.

At first the chosen colorways were a bit puzzling to me as I wouldn't have chosen that particular color combination and it took some trial and errors to come up with a layout that had the colors all play nice with each others. :) But in the end it was a great look and very satisfying.

I already had some yarn from my stash set aside to make this stole for myself. Now I just gotta find time to knit it...!

EDIT: The stole for myself knit up so quickly (done in 5 days!) and was so yarn efficient that I have plenty of yarn left for more!


Suzi said...

Hi Nikki,

I loe this stole but am having trouble with rnd 11. I can't get 80 sts, am getting 88.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Nikki's Studio said...

Hi Suzi, first, make sure that you are starting with 32 sts from rnd 10.

Then, let's count the sts you are going to knit in rnd 11: ([k1, yo] 4 times, k1) = 9 sts plus 1 ssk = 10 sts/"petal" => There are 8 "petals" = 80 sts.

Make sure to work the ssk at the end of the sts worked into the double yos else you will indeed end up with 8 sts too many. :)

Hope this helps and Happy Knitting!