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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sea Life in the Sky

Now look at what I saw forming in the sky while picking up my kids from school yesterday! Isn't that fantastic?
A softshell turtle with its pointy snout
A cuttlefish hunting the other animals in the sky
Can you hear the movie theme song of "Jaws" playing?
Together with a weather system on its way and super gusty Chinook winds a fun nature display was unfolding in a very speedy manner right above our heads.

In a period of about 15 minutes we watched about a dozen animals form and disappear. It even turned into a little competition of "who spotted what first" followed by tons of discussions about if that really was it. But then the shapes changed so fast that you couldn't really dwell on it and just had to move on.

That was totally exhilarating, creative brainstorming at its best!

Unfortunately, I was able to take pictures of only three of the animals as I had to pay attention to the traffic and couldn't pull over quickly enough to get snapshots...

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