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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Interweave Knits: Chincoteague Cardigan

This is my first design published in a major knitting magazine: Interweave Knits Weekend 2010! Yippee!

IW Knits Weekend 2010: Chincoteague Cardigan

It’s a great jacket for your weekend activities knit with Lion Brand's Fisherman's Wool, making it very affordable.

The background sports a “brick” pattern that makes for an entertaining knit and the mosaic technique pattern gives it a more complicated look then it really is.

When you use the mosaic color technique you actually only work with one color per row and slip the other colored stitches. So, no stranding involved at all!

I had to look up the pattern title that was given to my design by the Interweave staff: "Chincoteague". As it turns out the cardigan is named after the wild ponies on Chincoteague Island (Virginia's Eastern Shore). They are all painted in white and brown patterns - just like the design on this cardigan.

Wow, what a great match! And the island looks like a great vacation spot too...

My original design submission was exactly in reverse colors: light background and dark pattern. But I like this final version very much, actually it was hard to let go and send it in... - always a good sign that the project turned out nicely. :)

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