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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last Bloom: Flower Headscarf

I thought I would venture into some simple lace knitting and came up with a useful little project: a headscarf.

If you always wanted to try your hand on some lace but didn't want to commit to lace weight yarn, hours of concentrated work and a large scale project, then this might just be what the doctor prescribed: a small, airy headscarf that has only 2 repeating pattern rows and can be finished in a lazy weekend.

You can check out the free pattern ("Last Bloom") over at the great kids pattern website of Petite Purls Fall 2010 issue.

The headscarf is a triangular mesh with short bands to tie it easily.

The flower decorations are simple foundation chain crochet flowers that you sew on to the scarf.

To keep the petals from curling up you can either use a few stitches to sew down the petals or apply some fabric stiffener to the flowers before you attach them to the headscarf.

Flower is ready for fabric stiffener. Apply to backside of flower.

I think it's quite a cute way to keep the hair out of the eyes when the winds pick up in the upcoming fall days...So far the headscarf has been a hit with the girls and I am trying to keep up with the requests... :)

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